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A New Breed?

i saw this when i was lookin up journals with graphic intrest. it seems really cool to see the art up on the site. so i joined. heres a run-down of myself

Name: Mike, Juggdish, Batman, Zen (stories behind all)
Loc: Vero Beach Florida
Work: Toys R Us (electronics/games dept)
School: 1st year IRCC main campus
Intrests: Graphic design. industrial metal. NIN, a perfect circle, tool, the cure, 80`s, ANNE
Live Journal: evidentdecay
Member Of: getljcodeshere, and writtenemotions

i`m big into graphics and computer art. i`m mostly skilled in Photoshop and illustrator. right now i`m workin in page layout with quark express. i tend to gear towards the darker side of graphics. such as the rusted, dirty, grunge sort of look.

i hang out with my love anne. i`m trying to get my life back to normality. i`m now in a much better place mentaly then i was a while ago. i had stopped posting in my journal a while ago, but i brought it back to life. nothing can stop me now.

i work at toys r us here in vero. i basically run the electronics dept. it`s a good place to work sometimes, other times it`s back breaking, blood thirsty hell. but i get to play with toys.

i like to write poems. i`m just gettin back into it, but used to write alot! you can read some of them in the community called "writtenemotions"

that`s all about me. i`ll try to get some of my work up in this place.
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