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"i'm as pure as the driven slush."

i'm going to college in NYC, but i'm from florida. vero beach to be exact... can't say i miss vero, but i really fucking miss my friends... and being near the beach. DAMN, i miss the beach.

i love my george foreman grill.

i'm gonna go have some ice tea.
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the northeast isnt that bad...ya just gotta enjoy the other things, like the city life and the mountains you can go snowboarding on... that kinda stuff
well i'm originally from new jersey. i moved to florida when i was 12. i'm happy to be up here cause florida sucks but i can't help missing the beach. i'm suprised how much i miss it.

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what the fuck???? just for that, i'll go out of my way to NEVER buy an ipod.
yeh i already promised myself i wouldnt ever buy one they annoy me
that is the most beautifully insane icon i have seen on LJ.
thanks, wish it was mine. i got it from another journal.
What college in NY?
hunter college... it's on 68th and lexington.
i feel for ya i live in westren NY and it is fucking cold i dont know why you would ever want to leave florida