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What a good idea

This community appealed to me because it's about nothing and everything. Kind of like Seinfeld. So, I'm posting.

Hi, I'm Cheryl. I'm depressed right now and was manic earlier. I'm what's known as a rapid-cycler (bi-polar with a few other disorders thrown in). I live in Dallas, Tx with my boyfriend lokitrickster and our new miniature schnauzer puppy Bernard. I was an old-school deathrocker and now I'm just old (I'll be 30 next month....eeeek). I still listen to all the music I just can't wear the clothes and the hair (for religious reasons). I also love old punk. Besides it's a state of mind not a dress code.

Anyway, I'm afraid I'm a pretty boring person. I hate people and only like to go out to get drunk and shop (quite often at the same time). Otherwise I stay quite happilly hidden in the house. I enjoy reading and used to write bad poetry but I've had writer's block for about a year. Pisses me off.

So, that's the long and the short of it. At least for now.
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